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The Similarity Between Archie Bunker And Me


It’s the chair obsession.  

This is my chair

Chair nice
It’s much nicer looking than Archie Bunker’s of course.

Though I kinda doubt mine will ever be in the Smithsonian.

I’ve had this chair for many years.  

    {Well obviously.}

Chair broken
Once upon a time its legs were unstable.

 They tended to fall off whenever someone sat down. 

This could be rather unnerving.

{Though it did help keep people outta my chair.}

Needless to say Scott fixed the legs.

     Scott w tool

It was while sitting in this chair, reading aloud to my older boys from E. Nesbit’s The Phoenix and the Amulet that my water broke.  Little Bit was born one crowded hour later.

R baby

I placed an inscribed sticky note in the back cover of the Nesbit novel to commemorate this officious occasion.

IOSW e nesbit

Someday I plan to write an ode to my ripped and saggy chair.

But today I’m teaching 2nd grade math.


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