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~Basement Monsters~

Basement door

Basement Door.  Tall & forbidding, particularly to an imaginitive child who's just turned 8.

People should listen to children more.

From when I was a child, I distinctly remember The Basement Monster.

It was big, slimy, sneaky, and had the most severe case of halitosis known to monsterdom.

And my mother never saw it.

She never heard its raspy breathing.

She didn’t believe it was there.

{Though I certainly told her countless times}.

Our new house has a Basement Monster.

I haven’t actually spotted this one myself, but Little Bit has.

He’s told me all about it.

And I believe him.

The Basement Monster in our basement is evidently part Lizard Man.

He can climb walls and cling to ceilings with his grody, splayed fingered, mutant, suction cup hands.

He watches you with his lizard like eyes, waiting for you to come close enough so that he can drop on you!

When you’re in the basement it’s important to keep a close eye on the ceiling.

And of course the dark corners.

You must watch for slime trails and droppings.

And listen for quick rustling or slithering noises.

I’m not sure of our Basement Monster’s complete lineage.  

Just that he’s part Lizard Man.

And for some reason he wants to catch and claw little boys to pieces.

And that he eats bugs.

{Which I actually think is a kind of good thing}. 


We’re planning to clear out the basement soon.  

It may become a March project (or maybe April….)

Once we do clear it out, the Basement Monster will lose some of his territory.

He’ll be pushed back, to lurk beneath the stairs, or the storage room, behind the water heater.

But for the time being, Little Bit and I don’t venture into the basement much.

Basement steps

Scott and my older boys may be scoffers.  

I suppose they’ve forgotten.

But I remember my Basement Monster.

And occasionally, when the wind is just right, I catch whiffs of his raspy, halitosis breath, curling out from beneath the basement door.

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