The (Partial) Painting of Witt's End
Quick Recipe!

D.I.Y. at Witt's End

An easy project I've been meaning to do for years.


I recovered an old bulletin board with some too cute fabric I've had forever, using my trusty and very old glue gun.


The fabric tells the story of Goldilocks, though I never wanted to cut & create a book from it.

{Recovering a bulletin board seemed a much better idea!}


Stage one completed.



Next I measured and cut red ribbon, spaced the strips off in a diamond pattern,  glued the ends securely on the board's back, as well as adding a dab of glue at each criss cross on the front.


Told ya my trusty glue gun was old!


And yes those are actual American quarters covering the glued criss crosses!

I had originally intended to use buttons, but found the cheapest ones I actually liked were too pricey for my taste.

{Real American money was cheaper...that just seems wrong somehow doesn't it?}

I used the "States Quarters"; that's Delaware in the next photo.


I don't suppose there's anything illegal or wrong with using actual money?  

Plus they would peel off easily enough, should I ever find myself short on change.

Bulletin board

And here's a photo of the finished product.  

Of course I intend to hang it horizontally, but it will only fit vertically into the space I want it in. Until we get the desk area finished that is.

{Just one more of those items on the June List!}

Then it will fit snugly (and horizontally) between counter top and cupboard bottom.

Till then, this works for me.

What have you been making lately?