Morning Grace

September Rolling In


For Today


Outside my's humid and rather cool, though it's getting warmer. But autumn is in the air.


I am thinking...of how heavy this day is weighing on me. So much to do, and it seems so many fighting against me. It threatens to immobilize me - but I can't let it.

This can be difficult.


I am thankful...the problems I'm having aren't worse! Which they certainly could be. (Touch wood.)


I am wearing...loose, comfortable cotton top and pants.


I am creating...more books. Thinking on that school schedule for the year. Though in my present state of mind it seems both over and underwhelming.

How is that possible?


I am the dr. today. We're getting all those appointments done before the insurance "turns over" at the end of September.

 My - I can't believe September will be here in a few days. Summer passed in a blurred blink.


I am wondering...why I seem to have the dumbest, most entirely avoidable problems of anyone I know. Not that I desire more serious problems - but really, this is stupid!

(And yes I know that's -purposely- vague, but there it tis.

I'm hoping to begin blogging regularly again - so except more on this irritating subject in the near future!)


I am hoping...for peace, clarity, and direction. (Also for a long, lovely, snowy winter!)


I am learning...that evidently there are a myriad of things I can't control.

Whether I'm accepting this is an entirely different subject!


 In my garden...a plethora of squash, tomatoes, and such. Bottling tomatoes, making a couple of types of jams is in the near future.



In my kitchen...ah - the kitchen. Hmmm... Well, the kitchen area has been in a bit of an end of the summer slump.

 In other words I am NOT feeling inspired to cook. No matter how many luscious recipes I pin, or how many of my favorite cookbooks I page through.

 Inspiration may strike (suggestions are welcome), though it ain't happenin' just yet!


In the homeschool room...a new year is soon upon us.

Does this please me? Yes and no. We've been off of school for a while, which has been nice as I've had quite a lot of work to do in other areas.

 Still, over the past few days I've been slowly gathering ideas of what I'd like to do this year, and of course of what needs done. Since my computer died (taking with it many lists and such, though there is still a hope of recovering them), I've been redoing some things  - always irritating - and wondering why on earth they weren't uploaded to a cloud (as so much was, thank heavens!) or printed out.

Hopefully they'll be recovered still - and from now on everything goes up in google docs, drop box, etc...

Yes, everything!


A favorite quote for today...   Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know. ~ Pema Chodron


A peek into one of my days...  This day

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One of my favorite things...Hope - the belief in tomorrow.


From the board room...oh just everything from this board of mine entitled #Attack2015 

(Yes I gave it a hashtag. I'm sure it isn't A Thing - though it really should be!)


Wishing you all bright blessings for the remainder of August and beyond,

Its a new day






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