Summer & Dirty Cokes
(Beware) Optimistic Euphoria

Empty Nests, Walking Around Planet Earth, & Swan Songs


July 2015 is but a memory now – for good or bad, and here we go.

The first day of August.


August- the month my almost-oldest designated sometime ago, as the month he would Move Out.

(And oh yes that is more than deserving of capital letters.)

Which means I have been dreading August since he arrived at this less than stellar decision many months ago.

Although, as he did recently turn 25 I suppose there’s nothing I can do to stop him (this is massively depressing).

What I will do when the fateful day arrives I just can’t say. Probably mope around a bit, stare at pictures of him when he was three or ten, or fifteen years old, indulge in some massively heavy sighs, and feel irrevocably depressed.

(Feeling irrevocably depressed is something I do on occasion now.

Yup – it’s A Thing.)

Moving on…


I am much more recovered from my surgery of nearly three months ago. Enough to have gotten back on the treadmill last week  (though I’m dreadfully slow compared to my pre-surgery self), which means Lisa Walks Around Planet Earth will be up and running (augh, yes I said it) again soon.

{N.B. My walking around the Earth experience has its own hashtag (not trending anywhere) #LisaWalksAroundPlanetEarth.

Search for it in vain and weep along with me.}


And our final Camp Floyd Civil War Daycamp was in July. Our youngest has aged out, (this is also irrevocably depressing).

We’ve seen a total of eight Civil War Final Battles over the years, (oddly enough the south won most of them). And are the proud owners of a plethora of wooden yo yos, tiny jacks, handmade candles, hardtack, cap guns in the shape of rifles and revolvers, Union and Confederate hats, haversacks, and blue and grey canteens (many, unfortunately, missing their cork stopper).

Little Bit’s swan song as he (once again) perished from gunshot wounds during the battle (though as a Lieutenant he led his troops valiantly), was inspired and epic.

Unfortunately it went on so long one of his own troops finally shot him (no doubt to end his suffering).

And yes he did sing an actual song, an “operatic song” of his own composing – though I thought it sounded suspiciously like the theme song from “Cats”.

(But, as he’s never seen “Cats” I must be mistaken.)

All in all it was a glorious day.


DSC01747 DSC01748

July found me participating in my first “Camp Nano” – an insane notion someone somewhere came up with in which fools writers sign on, promising themselves and their (virtual) cabin mates (other fools writers) to race through July writing as many words as possible of their current Work In Progress (WIP). 50,000 words is the goal for the November Nano, though evidently “Camp Nano” (held in July and April) is a bit more lenient, allowing participants

(notice how I didn’t say fools writers that time?)

to sign on for a smaller number.

So naturally I signed on for 60,000.

And yes I actually met my goal!

My prize. Totally worth it as I’m sure you agree. 


Now to editing and all that jazz.

As well as all the other things awaiting in August. But more on that later.


Have a lovely rest of August 1, 2015!

I’m back in blogging mode and eager to see what the rest of 2015 holds.

Lisa new day