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On Dealing With Phone Photos


Going through and saving all those photos on my phone.

A bittersweet endeavor; I'm still not quite certain why I did it...

The first three are tiny kidlets pictures, one a bit fuzzy.

Then a picture of canine (many say fur) baby, Betsy Trotwood - known as Trot. One of our lovely Golden Retrievers.

Followed by a few pics of the building of Witt's End - (augh - what a time that was. I can't even bring myself to think about it yet.

Maybe in another ten or fifteen years.

Or thirty.

Or not.

OK - probably never.)

I plan to begin uploading years and years of photos soon. The number will easily run into the thousands. Wish me luck!

And of course if anyone has any suggestions of the best, most efficient, (and dare I say quick?) way to do this, suggestions are welcome!

Iosw life at witt's end






R posed R sleeping Trot 3 We 8We 3 14 10 Witts end
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