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I've had kids helping with the laundry.

Kids helping w laundry

And lord knows who trained them (though I'm feelin' perty certain it was Me).


And this one had surgery (again),

C surgery



And we went here,



And here,  Oregon


And here,


Which of course are lovely, leaving me longing (yet, again) to move to a cool, green, rain filled land of castles and fairies and the like. (Such as Middle Earth, or Narnia, or the UK.)

Because of all this, and yes so much more - my brain became addled.


So - after much thought. Much, much thought indeed - I remembered (and how surprising it was), that somewhere along the long road (winding yes - but also filled with switch backs, hidden turns, disguised pits chock fulla nasty critters, and disappointing dead ends). Somewhere I'd forgotten the very words I had set about myself (as a sort of armor you understand), so very long ago:

The Life Of The Mind.

Set about myself so thick and well - they actually became a place you see. The very spot I'd chosen to live. A haven really. Safe - and yet brilliantly, seethingly dangerous.

Such places, as you can probably imagine, are quite difficult to find.

(Yet once found - words like seethingly are never questioned or scoffed at.)

There, adventures are commonplace.

Honestly it's assumed you'll embark upon at least one each and every day. (After tea of course. Or arriving back in time for tea.

Or, if you're very lucky - having tea during the adventure. Adventure Teas being the best possible sort.)

Isn't it fortunate I've remembered?


Currently I sit cloaked by The Life Of The Mind. (Literally cloaked - it's amazingly soft and thick, wraps about me twice, has long fringe on the ends, and its color? Best described I think as deep, undulating, thickly entwined shades of  purples and reds.

Unfortunately it has no hood. My next cloak will be hooded - all cloaks should be. A deep hood, wafting in gentle folds upon my shoulders.)


So - now I've remembered my spot, my armor, my quest - naturally I must set out immediately.

Exploring, trundling about this realm I've neglected far too long.

My adventures are to be reported here, at hopefully regular intervals - perhaps three or four times a week. (Hopeful because, after all, one never knows with adventures.)

And, as I like to plan a bit for such things, I've researched a tome or two on my destination; and have discovered The Life Of The Mind's seethingly dangerous places are much more prevalent than one would at first imagine.

Yup - for a safe haven, it's a pretty frightening place.

Sounds lovely, don't you think?


{Topics To Be Covered:

The Addled

Adventures Through The Seven Realms



2016: Year of ______ (TBA ASAP)

&, no doubt, more.


Yes - enough to make your head spin.

Let's hope it doesn't topple off.


Bwah hah!}


Its a new day