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About Me. The {Dubious} LifeStyle Blogger


I'm Lisa. And this is a totally cheesy photo of me.

Lisa IOSW 2


I'm a Writer, Reader, Talker, Hot & Cold Sweet Tea & Diet Coke addict, & Rogue Decorator who loves to shop her own house (you wouldn't believe what I've found in the basement!) and cannot pass a thrift store without experiencing severe heart palpatations. I Write & Publish, I Cook, I Homeschool, I blog on just about any topic you can imagine, and I love a full can of spray paint, flip flops, and teetering stacks of big books.

And yup this is the back of my head ‘cause I’m contrary that way.

Lisa's hair

I also love comments. And boots.  And chocolate. 

{But if you can’t send me those last two Please Do leave a comment.}

My Motto:  Life is a Banquet & Most Poor Suckers Are Starving To Death ~Auntie Mame

 Thought I was finished? Oh No. There is more. Do read on. {There are pictures. And not just of me.}

     The About Me Page Proper

Gird your loins Dear Reader, I've decided to write an About Me page.....with pictures.

If I can find any.  Always being the "picture taker' (aka photographer, aka, No one else can hold my camera!) results in lots of pictures of kids, dogs, husband, cool clouds, beautiful landscapes, etc... But few of me.  And, since I haven't gotten around to scanning in all the older pictures (ie..I haven't figured out quite how), all of the pictures I have are new(ish) - which means none of them feature me in all of my youthful glory.

This is sad.  

Because I feel certain I did have a small amount of youthful glory at sometime in the not so far, yet rather distant past. And I must have a picture of it somewhere.

8 gig card 802
This isn't it.  

This is Little Bit & I.  It was taken a few years ago, in the midst of our horrible move. (I'm the one in the grey sweater experiencing a complete nervous breakdown.

You can tell by the crazed glint in my eye).



And this is four of my kidlets and I at Disneyland.  I am hot, tired, have undoubtedly eaten food which I shouldn't have, and I believe the sun was in our eyes.


To Continue (& Finish.  Promise.)

I am:  Lisa. (Yes I realize I said that already. Weird right?)

Fairly sarcastic, optimistic, yet a bit cynical; kind, open, (some would say too much so), tired, filled with ambition, a Faith Filled spiritually inclined seeker - though no doubt not "religious" in the eyes of many.  

I am a history buff, a liberal, a homeschooling mom of five, mother of four boys (yes four), and one daughter with Down Syndrome who is an Opinionated Princess With Attitude. I double majored in Biology and English (go figure).  I am a Quaker (though not an official one, yet.  And yes Quakers, or Friends, use electricity & other modern conveniences!)


I like to:  write, write blog posts obsessively (this was a given), hang out with my kids, find excuses not to exercise, exercise anyway, travel, eat, eat "different foods" as long it isn't something I couldn't bear to look at when it was alive, delve into different religious beliefs & cultures, make lists and check things off. (And if I accomplish something not on the list?  I write it on and then check it off).  Read and write and read some more.


I am bollocks at:  sewing (though I am the Original Kick Ass Wonder with a Glue Gun, as all the curtains in my houses over these past twenty years could testify. If curtains could talk).

Working with power tools, driving a motorcycle, backing up a truck with a trailer attached- even in a 2 acre area, baiting a hook, killing any type of animal (with the exception of a fish or a mouse), geometry, physics (it's just so weird), playing a musical instrument, and waiting.


I dislike:  bigots, rude people, pushy people, noisy people (except kids, they're kids), avocados, sushi (much to the horror and culinary disbelief of my children), crowds, most rap music, some country music, people who try to boss me around, smoke, driving in the city, dust, washing pans, romance novels, gross horror movies (except The Walking Dead), exercising, and not exercising.  

Though I have been know to run a mile or four on the treadmill every day. I do believe I'm in Kansas at the present moment, though I haven't checked the virtual map for a while.  #LisaWalksAroundPlanetEarth

And that's totally enough about Me.

 Although.....If you'd like to discover some trivia about me, some rather interesting, some just plain strange, but all entirely true - click here.

{Or you could go read Dickens.  I think he writes a lot better than I do.  Or Twain, or Austen, or....}

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