On Waking
March 28-31, 2011

Subversive Saturday, 3-26-11

Though it is now late in the day, it is still

Subversive Saturday*.

Or it would be.  If I hadn't cancelled it.

Can you believe it, I just didn't feel the least little bit Subversive today at all!

It's a complete and utter mystery.  I don't understand it  myself.  I'm usually such a Subversive person at heart.......

Last night "the cousins" slept over.  Evidently an enormously fun time was had by all (if noise level is an indicator of fun).

Scott made pancakes this morning on a Saturday.  Also unheard of.  At this joint pancakes happen only on Sunday mornings and sometimes as a quick dinner.

I did tons of laundry, which is nothing new.  

{Please read more about my excellent laundry system here.  It's positively inspiring.  Really.}

But, as I was going about said laundry, folding mountains of towells and hanging up a myriad of shirts, most of which I really cannot recall having seen anyone actually wear; I found myself singing.

A happy song.

Obviously I need some sort of intervention, and quick.

Horror of horrors - could it be I'm turning into Snow White, or Cinderella, or some other nauseating such creature.

The next thing you know chirruping little birds will be landing on my delcate, ivory, rose tipped finger. and I'll be talking to mice.

{N.B.  Talking to mice is deeply frowned upon by my family.  For an interesting tale of my family's past associations with mice, please check this out!}


But all is not lost.  Deep within I know I am still the opinionated, grippy, sarcastic, suspicious, fun loving girl I've always been.

My Subversive Self is still in there somewhere.  And I'm determined to find her.

In the meantime, I'll meet you back here next week for Subversive Saturday,

Same Subversive Day, Same Subversive Blog.


*Subversive Saturday

Definition:  designed to overthrow government: intended or likely to undermine or overthrow a government or other institution  

Disclaimer:  Since I have no desire at all to overthrow any government in any way - Subversive Saturday is definitely not politically motivated or violent in any wayshape, or form. It’s my excuse to not do the things on my To Do list.  

This always proves much more difficult than one would imagine.