Gratitudes, September 12, 2011
You Can't Make This Girl Do Nothin'!

Not One Whit

Mama Kat Writing prompt:

 Write about a time you wanted to disappear..


Horrible to admit – but admit it I must:  the only times I have ever wanted to disappear are when I wanted to spy on someone or some situation in order to find out what happens next.

You see, by disappearing I assume I become invisible.

{If I am wrong kindly disregard this entire post.}

Invisibility would be a lovely accomplishment to have.

Because, Dear Reader,  I am an incorrigible, totally tenacious, rather obsessive, snoop; with absolutely not one whit of conscious whatsoever. 

And proud of it.

My husband proclaims I am nosey.  I prefer to call it a healthy interest in human nature.

Were I to develop the habit of being able to disappear (thus becoming invisible) I would use said talent for the benefit and goodness of humankind.

{No really.}

I would slip change into the pockets of those in need, I would switch the prices on much needed, yet outrageously overpriced items such as pharmaceuticals,  baby formula, Belgian chocolate, and gas.

{At the moment I have no idea how I would accomplish this; but accomplish it I would}.

I would find out things:  Such as what the true story is on the JFK assassination, what’s really in Area 51 in Nevada, and what McDonalds actually puts into their meat.

Then I would proceed to tell the world.

Under a super-secret, superhero persona of course.

It would be most interesting,

Don’t you think?