Diary of 5 ~January 31, 2012
I Believe

Daybook, January 31, 2012



This final day of January 2012

Outside my window...it is sunny and clear. I do wish it would snow!

I am thinking.....Ummmm…. that it should snow!  That I am behind in my work, yet I keep adding more items to my list.  Why is that??

I am thankful...for all that we have, for our ambition and faith.

In the kitchen...Last night was chili and cornbread, tonight is Indonesian Chicken Soup, tomorrow Navajo Tacos.

I am wearing...my new suede with fleece lining “house boots”, Eyeore pants, a t shirt with Kermit the frog on it, and a stunningly attractive plaid overshirt because it is freezing in here!

I am creating...an atmosphere and a tone, I hope!  A more peaceful, purposeful family culture.

I am going...to take Little Bit to scouts tonight, and perhaps to basketball practice if I can possibly fit it in.  To plunge headlong into our new schedule for 2012 as soon as possible.

I am wondering...how to make the day last longer.  If only I were one of those lucky people who can function with only a few hours sleep.  I have tried – and alas, it just doesn’t seem to work for me.

I am reading...I’ve just finished The Ladies Auxiliary, (click here for more info!).  And have just begun Incantation by Alice Hoffman, one of my favorite authors.

I am hoping...to make this final day of January productive and joyful as possible.

I am looking forward to...February.  We have the gift of an extra day this leap year, and it is my month of Realization.

I am learning….to take more joy in every act.  To live more simply. To recognize the light and find comfort in how it vanquishes the darkness.

Around the house...it is peaceful.  Our “Leftovers Lunch” is finished, (though still scattered about the counter!), we are watching an episode of Nova.  Later our Brazilian guest will sight see a bit about the city with Son & Heir, and I will attempt to catch up on a bit of work, the laundry I’ve been avoiding!

I am pondering...how to divide my time between all the passions of my life. 

A favorite quote for today...    And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.  John 1:5

One of my favorite things...the quiet evening, following dinner.  Reading, watching something nice on television. Time for peace and contemplation.

A few plans for the rest of the week: taking our guest to the airport and saying goodbye – for now at least!  We’ll miss having her; she’s been a joy to have around.  And then back to the usual routine:  scouts, school, sports, and, unbelieveably...baseball registration already. Perfecting our plans for our new desk area.  Building a new shelf for the family room.

A peek into my day...
Little Bit attempting Portuguese!

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