Life Story


A writing prompt from the GypsyMama.  
Write for 5 minutes straight on Empty, then stop.

Last night was one of those rare times when my house, aside from the dogs and I, stood empty.

It was amazingly creepy.

For I tend to be a fanciful person, I see flashes of shadow people from the corner of my eye, I hear noises which by anyone more grounded than myself would seem to be the house “settling”, I am convinced whenever Mimsy growls at something outside the window, at something in the corner {which for the life of me I cannot see at all}, that there is indeed something there.  Visible only to her canine senses, impossible for my eyes to detect.

And I wonder, during those rare moments, what I shall do when Someday arrives.  That horrible, long dreaded and ignored Someday: when the house is indeed empty but for the dogs and myself.

(And perhaps Girly Girl.  But I can’t image our busy author of the creepy notes {They’re in my closet….} being of much practical help at all).

That Someday when Scott will be at work, Girly Girl will be busy with her Girly Girl activities, my boys will be grown and off living their lives, pursuing their dreams and though just a phone call, a skype away in our ultra connected world, not Here. And Witt’s End will stand (mostly) empty but for myself and my dogs and their growls directed into empty corners.

So now I prepare to fill that emptiness.  For, along with fanciful, I am a glass half full kinda person.  A fill that glass till it’s brimming over, flooding the joy and laughter and life across the counter, down the cupboards, across the floor.

{I’ll trip those shadow people up, I’ll rinse out those dark corners, (dust bunnies damp tailed and in retreat)}.

Working on filling that fearful, future emptiness.  With words and colors, peace and growth.  Well watered from my half full and filling glass.