Is this a great word or what?

It means “love of hotels”.

I totally feel absolutely no need to explain why or justify my love of hotels.

Especially those with kitchens, giant beds, at least two bathrooms, a quantity of extra pillows and towels, a “free” large breakfast buffet, “free” nightly “Social Hour” (more food, often enough to fulfill dinner needs for a family of seven including three teenage boys – and me), and a couple of large tv’s with many channels.

Of course I’ve also stayed in hotels lacking some of these amenities.  But I like these the best. 

A “good pool” is important to my kids.  Once while traveling in Canada they became so accustomed to a water slide included with every pool they were shocked to find a hotel without one.

{By then I think we’d returned to Montana.  I can’t be sure.}

 At any rate everyone in my family is proud of being a xenodocheionologist.

{Though to be honest some of us do have a rather hard time pronouncing it.}

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Xenodocheionologists also enjoy riding in twirling teacups.


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