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Some days are Out Days.

I have a love/hate relationship with such days.

On one hand they are a nice break from routine.  On the other hand they seem to occur way too often, disrupt the schedule horribly, and are surprisingly exhausting.

Naturally (since I do consider them such a pain in the rear), I’ve written more concerning Out Days.

My solution to such days:  plan them well.  When an Out Day looms upon your calendar make it into a good thing.  Take advantage of the situation by brainstorming other needed Things To Do & Places To Go, tucking them in before and after the Out Day errand.

Yes this can be tiring.  Going to karate and the library and a play and a museum (just to see the Norman Rockwell exhibit) and stopping by Costco, then a quick “out dinner” on the run before making it home just in time for scouts and would you look at all that laundry! can certainly burn a person out; causing them to wanna drop everything, nap and eat nachos during a 24 hour marathon of whatever their favorite Netflix series may be.

My solution to that?  Try not to cram six or more things into one Out Day.

And yes I realize six things may sound like a lot.

(Or not – depending on your lifestyle).

Here is an example of a Six Things Out Day:

Up by 8 at the latest (oh how this goes against my Night Owl self!)

Someone inevitably has a doctor appointment.  Make certain they arrive at said doctor somehow. {1}

School, Chores, Showers, I check the library website; compiling a too long list of “what’s due”.

A busy (sometimes frantic) few minutes are then spent locating All Those Due Books, CD’s, DVD’s, etc…  {2}

Little Bit must get to Karate by 11 a.m.  Meanwhile…Scott & Girly Girl stop in at the library to renew and pick up any holds. {3 & 4}  Scott, Coyote, &/or CurlyTop may also play racquetball. {possible 5}

I stay home to:  do as much laundry as possible, make phone calls, tidy this place up, get some writing done

{the latter is much easier said than done….}

I also thaw out and/or prep whatever it is we’re having for dinner.

We then re-remember today is a Play Day.  Panic ensues as we are forced (to the joy of some) to stop at Mickey D’s (or some such establishment) for lunch as we make the forty minute drive to the theatre in record time.

We watch the play.  {another possible 5}

We drive home, perhaps stopping at the market For Something. If it is spring or fall someone inevitably has a baseball game or practice, if it is fall someone has a basketball practice, anytime of year someone no doubt has scouts.

We drop the appropriate people at the appropriate places, head home to prepare a (hopefully) quick dinner, accomplish more laundry and Do Our Quiet Time Work.


Admittedly every Out Day does not involve A Play.  Some days involve more than one doctor appointment, some involve clothes shopping for some event looming in the near future, some require the picking up of great deal on wood, or car repairs, or soon to be holiday or birthday preparations.

Some don’t care for filling Out Days with so many chores and errands.  Some like to space them out over the week.

But not me.

I enjoy my days at home. I love looking at my calendar and knowing there is not a single reason I need leave the house that day.  That I can have my Quiet Time.  That schoolwork will be done in the morning and early afternoon. Dinner is planned and will be on time.  The evening will be quiet and peaceful.

Days at home are productive or relaxing, or hopefully both.

So cram those Out Days full.

Get it all over with at once, and enjoy your Home & Family Culture Ordinary Days.


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