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April 29, 2014

Outside my window... It’s sunny and deceptively cold! We’re wearing layers and Little Bit and I have the space heater on and are sharing it.

(Most of the time anyway… One off us does tend to “hog it”

Which one I really can't say).

I am thinking...(with amazement) it’s been a month since I’ve ran on the treadmill! This is a shocker and very upsetting. I finally got back onto the thing yesterday, after a chest cold lasting two weeks and my usual irritating back problems. Hopefully this will remain my longest lapse.

I am thankful...I’m back on the treadmill and the chest cold didn’t wind up being pneumonia (which I’ve had twice and don’t want again).

In the kitchen...last night it was leftover hamburgers and turkey burgers from Girly Girl’s birthday dinner on Sunday (she requested a BBQ and egg rolls! Odd – but it’s what we had!) 

Tonight I’ll throw a beef roast in the oven before heading out with Little Bit to baseball practice. (Though I doubt I’ll be partaking of it – roast just doesn’t agree with me).

I am wearing... layers – sweats, socks, slippers.

I am creatingslooowwly… the writing loft. I have created a summer schedule of outings and school, as well as planned a lot of the next “school year’” field trip schedule.

I am wondering...why both (small) dogs will insist on running beneath my desk chair to “shake off” every dang time they’re given a bath.

Also why their “Bath Bosses” don’t towel them off more thoroughly.

I am reading...I’m between reads at the moment (I know – utterly shocking!) Unless you count the John Bellairs I’m reading for bedtime reading.

Little Bit and I are making steady progress through the Little House series (currently on Little Town On The Prairie) using the Prairie Primer as a (partial) guide for activities and such to incorporate it into our history curriculum. 

We’ve just begun reading E. Nesbit’s (one of my all time favorite authors) Five Children and It as well. I’ve mapped out quite the reading program for summer and into fall – a bit ambitious but important.

I am hoping...for a successful, productive summer.

I am looking forward to...camping and road trips. My older kids re-discovering some (more or less) nearby attractions, Little Bit seeing them for the first time (well – at least that he can remember).

I am learning…..I can do it all – if I don’t sleep.

And that (in my case at least) sleep is unfortunately very important.


Around the house…well, it’s chilly!

Girly Girl had three teeth removed yesterday (very stubborn baby teeth) and is still on a soft diet and taking it easy watching all her new “birthday movies”. Curlytop is squirreled away in his room with his new computer, Coyote, Little Bit, and I are doing our quiet time work more or less quietly.

I am ponderinghmmm…  I don’t usually have a a problem with this – I’m something of a natural ponderer.

I suppose I could say I’m pondering why I’m not pondering more at the moment. Honestly I think it’s because I’ve simply been too busy!

A favorite quote for today...

Aa milne quote


One of my favorite things...honestly when someone else makes dinner. I can’t proclaim loudly enough how very tired I am of having to think of and prepare something for dinner every single day!

A peek into my day

been working a bit on this - in between everythng else.

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