Coffee Stinks But I Love Curry



and other first world problems.

The following is how my Kick Ass Life is going at the present moment:

{please do pay attention as a quiz follows.}

  1 hippies

My neck itches.

My eyes hurt.

My hair looks incredibly strange (yes even more so than usual).

I'm supposed to be writing but I have an awful headache and cannot seem to think clearly.

3000 pencils

We had leftovers for dinner which I didn't particularly like the first time around.

Not being able to think clearly causes me to want to give up on everything for the moment, sink into that smushy chair, and watch something lame on television.

I'm uncertain whether or not I have anything on the DVR at the moment to watch which I would consider lame enough.

{Yes I realize that's a lame problem but there it is.}

The reason we had leftovers is I made too much dinner last night (Don't ask me how this happened, it's a dreadful tale.)

I'm on my third diet coke of the day. This is bad and very possibly a contributer to my headache dilemma.

My neck totally itches and as I've now scratched it it burns and itches and is red.

Scott bought Easter candy the other day because it was 75% off.  Really? Who does that? {She said indignantly as she swore never to eat a morsel...}

I have now eaten half of a crispy chocolate bunny-head-on-a-stick including its creepy little pink eye, nose, ear, and bow tie.


The third season of Grimm isn't yet on netflix or Amazon (free with prime). And as I'm too cheap frugal to actually pay for it on Amazon, and didn't think to DVR the series this season since I didn't know we'd begin watching it it would appear I'm Sorry Outta Luck.


R camp


I've begun to wonder if my itchy (and thus red) neck is itching due to allergies caused by inferior crispy chocolate 75% off Easter bunny-head-on-a-stick.

There is a fly in my house and I cannot find the dang flyswatter.

Leaving the laundry undone As A Hint is evidently an absolute failure.

Leaving the dirty dishes strewn across the counter As A Hint is evidently an absoloute failure.

I feel positively certain at least one and possibly four of the six chicks currently living in a nice baby chicken coop in our basement are Roosters.

{N.B.  Roosters, for those who don't know, do not crow at dawn. They crow All Day Long.

This is annoying.}

Chick meets nose


I've (rather obnoxiously and repeatedly) claimed should more than one of the chicks turn out to be a rooster I shall put the noisiest rooster in the stewpot.

{I cannot possibly do this.}

I've just realized the fly in my house is one of those large, mutant kinda flies resembling nothing so much as a big wad of flying yarn. I have armed myself with an (infinitely inferior to a flyswatter) rolled newspaper, though now I can't find the dang critter.

Yet I do keep hearing the occasional bzzzzzz....

Which creeps me out.

Did I metion my neck is red and itches and burns?

Have a Happy Day.

{N.B.  I lied about the quiz.}

Day in life IOSW