Still Standin'

Coffee Stinks But I Love Curry


The Day After Mother’s Day.

We all arise later than usual – aside from yesterday’s birthday boy who, despite having gone to bed (like the rest of us) unusually late, hauls himself outta his bed and Goes To Work.


{I feel a bit guilty about this.

Though I expect I’ll get over it.}

One Kidlet is sick. He is instructed to lie on the couch and read. {This is an glorious pastime which I wholeheartedly recommend to all and sundry.}

Sick Kidlet exclaims (via clipboard note as his sore throat is so severe he is rendered speechless) reading is not “as relaxing” as tv. I differ quite adamantly and he settles down to read The Great Brain.


{An excellent beginning to an excellent series of books. If you haven’t read them stop hanging your head in shame and get reading at once!}

The Official Teen arises, eats breakfast, realizes there is no coffee

{N.B.  Coffee is disgusting. Drink Tea!}

and threatens to go back to bed. Changes his mind and makes more coffee.

{N.B. Coffee smells awful. This is why (as I’ve previously mentioned) our coffee maker resides in the garage (which reeks of coffee and golden retrievers and the occasional chicken.  And cars).  Still the stench of coffee does waft through the kitchen/family room as Official Teen pours in the grounds and fills the pot.}

Reminder To Self: set up fully operating coffee making station (including lovely osmosis water) in garage. Thus making it entirely unnecessary for unsavory coffee odor to ever enter my house, aside (unfortunately) when carried by actual consumer in mug.

Older Teenager emerges from his room after much encouragement (aka threats, yelling, etc…)  The absence of a green fog rolling from his open door testifies to his actually having cleaned his room (more or less) properly yesterday.


He bemoans the lack of breakfast cereal variety, pours a bowl of something (I don’t inquire) and disappears back upstairs in search of awol left slipper amid promises to “rake away the remains of the old wood pile today unless it’s too clay-ie out there”. 

{“Clay-ie” is evidently a word signifying the ground is too filled with clay to be able to rake properly.  I have some doubts about this but there you are….

Thinking perhaps said Older Teen could take up pottery.}

Scott goes to work. Official Teenager adjusts sound defying headphones on his head and sets himself to Do Schoolwork. Murmur a prayer he is actually studying and not listening to M & M (whose music I find highly suspect.

And yes I know it’s spelled Eminem but misspelling it annoys people.

I often enjoy annoying people).

Girly Girl has graced us with made her various morning appearances for important provisions such as cocoa, popcorn, and diet coke before retiring to her Lair to Practice. (Dance and Very Loud Singing).

My phone alarms go off in numerous and rapid succession, instructing me to Fix Loft, Plan Classical Curriculum, Run, Do Weights, Do Scouts, Finish Tapestry, and other such bossy yet totally time worthy pursuits.

I do none of these.

Instead I hit “dismiss” at each alarm whilst sitting at the computer listening to the news, reading the news, checking facebook, deleting email, and other such time wasters.

And now it is after noon. 

Though my back is still “out” (and I’ve no idea where it goes so please don’t ask) in a little while (aka: as long as I can postpone it), I shall gather my courage and go Run On The Treadmill.

Hopefully emerging some fine day from the beauty of (virtual) Colorado (which I estimate is still my position in that internet non-phenomena #LisaWalksAroundPlanetEarth), down toward the plains of Kansas.

(I’m perty sure Kansas is next to Colorado…..

Homeschoolers know stuff like that).

For dinner there shall be leftovers (Thank You Jesus), of yesterday’s sumptuous feast of homemade (from scratch) curry with homemade (from scratch) naan with homemade (from scratch) green salad and spicy cucumber dressing.


And of course there is birthday cake for dessert. Which I shouldn’t eat since I already inhaled ate a piece for lunch.

{I’m thinking this whole Fitness thing would be going a lot better if:

1-  My back quit going “out”.

2-  I quit eating stuff like pizza and cake and nachos.

Yes the TeenageBoy Diet is doing me in.


Such is life at Witt’s End this fine May day.

Yee Haw!

{How’re things going for you?}

Coffee dogs