Coffee Stinks But I Love Curry
We Got {Some} Grass

Still Standin'


According to my posts list it has been ten days since I written anything here at Its Own Sweet Will.


My reasons?

Well, typepad was down (yes again!).

And my poor, dearly loved, and sorely overworked laptop suffered a complete and utter nervous breakdown, plunged into a coma, and required several days "in the shop".

Ok - more than several.

Though now it is back at home convalesing , everything is intact (and has been backed up). Yet I fear it may very possibly need a few more days "in the shop".

But then don't we all.....

And life has been busy. Oh so busy. Ya'all know how it is.

Spring winds down to a lovely coolish, ever warming close; and Summer looms bright and hot.

There has been baseball,



And first overnight scout camps

oh this is a painful one for Mom,

(that would be Me).



There have been birthdays and Mother's Day flowers, the laying of sod, the feeding of growing too fast for their pen baby chicks, and the rearrangement of furniture.





And Scott had a particularly painful dental procedue done, we missed the final play of the season (though, heaven willing, there shall be others). Curly Top finished his spring semester of college, Coyote and Little Bit are still plugging away at their school work, and I am planning built in shelving and a wood surround for the dining room fireplace.

After reluctantly abandoning the idea of brick.

{I do believe the bedroom fireplace is crying out for brick... Surely you can hear it too?}


DSC00324Much too stark Dining Room Fireplace, sans its entirely necessary warm, wooden floor to ceiling bookshelves and surround.

So yeal everything is still standin' and moving on. The courtyard is finished. The laying of sod almost, nearly complete.

The garden is in its first planting stages, honeysuckle and plum trees await and, if we can keep the deer from devoring it all by fall's lovely colors, even more green and growing changes will have occured here at Witts End.

{Though I fear I must report my old and trusty electric tea kettle has developed what can only be referred to as a leak.

Holy cow but this Change stuff is difficult!}


IOSW dining rm lites