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Summer Reads {Edition 1}


The first in a series of Summer Read lists.

{Ya'all know I can never have too many Reading Lists!}

Comfort Reads, Quirky Reads, Classics, Lighthearted, Heart Warming, Funny, Serious, Slices of Life, Reads with (more than a) Bit of History, & perhaps something Rather Sinister & Creepy; they'll each be represented in my lists. 


But first, A Guilty Admission.

I must admit I have never gotten through...... The Russian Authors.

{Hear that Shriek! Shriek! Shriek! of Psycho fame?

Yeal.  Me either.}

You know, all those 19th century writers from Russia (back before it was the Soviet Union and then became Russia again?) everyone is supposed to have read but hasn't?

Oh I've read a few of their works but...

(and I must whisper this.....

I have never read War and Peace).

At least not all of it. Just chunks. Here and there. Bits and pieces (so to speak).

Thus let me state right here and now I will (most probably) read all (I hope) of War and Peace this summer.

{For further inspiration here is a photo of Leo Tolstoy.


I'm thinkin' he looks kinda ticked off about the whole thing. What do you think?}


Now onto other (less guilt inducing) reads:

I have already finished my First Official Summer Read. I talked a bit about it here in my Un-Birthday Tale, but shall certainly include it again in this post


D.E. Stevenson is the author of several of my all time favorite Comfort Reads (including the lovely Miss Buncle trilogy. The first two are the best).

Perfect for any time of year.


My (next) first Summer Read is this:


It has history, treachery, hidden desires, (at least so the back cover claims), and a rambling country house.

{I adore rambling country houses. Don't you?}

 And at 879 pages it is a nice big book, which as we all know is a good thing.

Next up: The Elegance of the Hedgehog sounds quite intriguing. (I'm rather hoping it fits into my Quicky catagory - though of course I can't tell till I read it). And seriously, how can a book with the word hedgehog in its title not be interesting?

{Don't answer that.}


Some amazon reviewers compare A Place At The Table to The Help, a novel my (currently on haitus) bookgroup and I loved.

So I'm hoping for good things from this book. I imagine reading it in the hammock while camping and am thinking it may find a place in the Heartwarming catagory.


This book, again by (one of) my favorite Comfort Read Authors D.E. Stevenson, won't be out till early in July (though it was originally published decades ago). I've preordered it and am nearly, absolutely positive you should too.

I feel it in mah bones it'll be a perfect layin' in the sun kinda read!


Now you must remember this is but the first of several (or more!) Summer Reading Lists.

Also in the works are read aloud as a family list, (a list which I fear grows shorter as my kids get older and thus busier), my read aloud's to Little Bit, and the Listen Alouds we'll all listen to during Camp Outs and Road Trips.

{There's also a list of those Camp Outs and Road Trips coming soon.

Consider Yourself Warned!}


So, what are you reading this summer?  

I'm always on the lookout for something new (to me)!

Sumer reads