We Got {Some} Grass
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An Un-Birthday Tale


My (Un)-Birthday....

We had planned to go here:

Golden Spike National Historic Site

 But, due to Scott's having a rather painful dental procedure earlier in the week (and then having to work since it's a holiday weekend) we decided to take it easy this last Sunday of May and....well...basically direct the boys in doing some yardwork.

Plus today it is my Un-Birthday - which I tend to ignore entirely (such is the way of Un-Birthdays) aside from not doing a whole lot of anything I don't totally have to. 

I must admit to doing some laundry. (I had to. You know how it is).

The boys mowed what lawn we have so far...


And planted three plum trees we're hoping the dogs protect from the deer.

(While not taking it into their furry 'lil heads to chew a bit on the trees themselves).


I took a day off from #LisaWalksAroundPlanetEarth,

read a book I ordered from Amazon

{The Young Clementine by D.E. Stevenson - one of my favorite Comfort Reads authors}


using a gift card given me by this guy for Mother's Day}.

Jesse 5-14












And contemplated where to plant some new honeysuckle,

(we're thinking around the chicken pen - using the pen as a trellis.

Well, unless the chickens decide the honeysuckle is a lovely new food and eat it all up....


For dinner we are having Zuppa, with homemade bread sticks.


And Son&Heir is currently involved in creating a Hummingbird Cake for my Un-Birthday dessert.

{It turned out absolutely delicious. You can find the recipe right here.}


I also received these, a treat most dear to my taste buds.


Which will (I fear) be gone quicker than a wink.

And I'm still waiting for the gleaming white subway tile to appear behind my range.

And for this cute little table to appear upon my front porch,Porch table

 Found on bec4-beyondthepicketfence.blogspot.com


It's amazing how patient I can be when stuffed fulla choolate covered raisins, zuppa, breadsticks, and hummingbird cake with cream cheese frosting! Don't you think?

I hope your Un-Birthday is a happy one. Whenever it is (or isn't...)!