Road Trips 2014
Makin' Me Crazy. A List.

Hot Hikes, Babbling Streams, & Uncooperative Cows


Road Trip #1 of the summer.

{Originally #3, but postponed due to various reasons some of which are mentioned here.}

We visited Freemont Indian State Park, where we…


Went on very hot and dusty hike. (At least to someone who doesn’t like hot and isn’t acclimated to it. Scott keeps insisting I should become acclimated.  But honestly I think acclimation is far overrated, don’t you?)

DSC00382Coyote regretting leaving his sun glasses in the r.v.




DSC00395Yup that's a footprint. He claimed he had no idea how it got there. Hmp...



Then we camped in an actual campground.

(This is unusual for us. We usually just drive down a road no other fool adventurer would dare venture down, hoping we find a nice place to camp, and if not, at least somewhere where we’ll be able to actually turn around.

Backing up over several miles of rocky dirt road in an r.v. is not a fun time.}


There was a lovely little stream running along our camp which made a most pleasant noise all night long.

DSC00406Somehow it doesn't look as loud as it was!

We had Polla A La Brasa with green salad and veggies for dinner

With (store bought) doughnuts for dessert.


We played yahtzee (to which Girly Girl is now addicted and which I won and was subsequently and entirely unjustly suspected, then actually accused of cheating simply because I was also scorekeeper.

To these accusations I said Fie.

(Really I did).


The next day we toured around Freemont Indian State Park’s museum, watched a short film, and Little Bit completed the Junior Ranger Program

DSC00413Yup, I made him put on the lab coat.

{N.B. if your kidlets haven’t participated in one of these programs I highly recommend them. I believe all National Parks, Historical Sites, and Monuments have them, as do many state parks. My older kids have earned Jr. Ranger badges from Washington State to Florida. They’re a fun way to discover history and nature, adding a bit more learning to your adventure.}

Girly Girl refused to take part in the Jr. Ranger doings – though she did enjoy grinding a bit of corn.

(Though to be honest she liked the gift shop best).


And yes we were camping so both she and I were having bad hair days. Please ignore the hair!

Scott’s paternal grandparents were farmers in southern Utah, the farm is still there and is used by the family as a fun, good memory filled spot to get away.  The farm also owns I don’t know how many cattle.

Here is a picture of one who didn’t want her photo taken at all…


(I’ve always wondered why my father-in-law has taken so many of pictures of cows over the years. Now I know:  he was trying to get a good photo. All cows are evidently camera shy and move constantly).

DSC00428This critter, on the other hand, loves posing.

Next we took a quick trip to Capitol Reef National Park. We weren’t able to stay long but it is on our itinerary for future trips (combining it with the Trail of the Ancients among others I think).

DSC00443 DSC00434 DSC00439

The second night of camping was spent Up On The Mountain (a direct quote via Scott). We found a lovely spot, all alpine foresty with broad vistas and a huge fire pit complete with ‘Lincoln log’ seating.

Unfortunately about a gazillion mosquitoes had discovered our Up On The Mountain spot first.

We hate mosquitoes and avoid them at all costs. (And when I say gazillion I mean gazillion.

Those who frequent the mountains in the springtime will know what I mean).

Thus I have no photos, and we spent the night inside looking out. (To be honest it was pretty late when we arrived…..)

But we had a nice dinner of BBQ chicken sandwiches (store bought in a tub. I admit it). Or leftovers, or (in CurlyTop’s case), an interesting creation of thin sliced chicken and cheese melted atop a piece of pita bread and liberally sprinkled with hot sauce.

We attempted to finish listening to the book on cd we’d begun the trip with:


Till we realized Little Bit had fallen asleep (it had been a long day).

Next morning we packed up, listened to the last bit of Doll Bones  and began listening to this new (to us) cd on the trek home:



We didn’t manage to finish it and will save it for the next road trip or perhaps fit it into 19th Century Evenings if we have time.

The dogs were thrilled to see us.


And late that afternoon Little Bit’s baseball team won their last game of the season and are now headed to the finals.

{Which is great but totally screws up my June Road Trip Calendar.}

And that’s Life At Witts End & Beyond.

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