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How To Take A Photo Of a Cow


First realize all cows are camera shy and dislike having their picture taken.

(I suspect it has to do with all those billboards out there advertising hamburgers.

You just know those poor cows see those advertisements on their way to the slaughterhouse, and pass the fear on genetically. Somehow.

It’s actually quite mysterious).

Thus you must accept nearly every picture of a cow is going to be, well, stinky.

Though if you keep trying you may get a good one.

Even if you’re hanging outta the r.v. window, and the cow is purposely evading you.

Which is what happened to me.

N.B. Why was I taking a picture of this cow?

Because it is one of The Farm’s Cows. And my husband (driving the r.v.) kept yelling “Get a picture of its brand!”


{Query: Why do I listen to my husband at such times? Answer have I none.

Insanity is catching. Like the need to sneeze.}


Semi exciting moment, when we spot cow.

{See that speck of brown?}




Semi disppointing moment, when cow disappears.




Second semi exciting moment, after some driving, backing up, Me hanging precariously out of r.v. window all the while, when we spot the cow in her (almost) entirety and I indeed snap a picture of The Brand.




 Funny moment when Cow shows us What She Thinks Of Us.DSC00448


And that's the end of this tail.


Happy Trails! 

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