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June 9, 2014


Outside my window...

it’s sunny and hot.

{Isn’t that disgusting?}


I am thinking...

of giving up blogging, and wondering if there is a point to giving it up, and whether there’s a point in going on with it?

What is blogging? A “platform” many say. But platforms are tiresome and require more interaction than I am receiving of late.

Somedays I feel as though I am simply standing upon a platform waiting for a train which will never arrive.

Maybe I should just begin walking?


I am thankful...

I ran further and more easily on the treadmill (in that internet non-phenomena #LisaWalksAroundPlanetEarth) today.

Though I may be hurtin’ tomorrow! Perhaps those physical therapy (for my poor messed up back) are actually helping?


In the kitchen...

the blessing of Monday night leftovers!  Last night we grilled the most delicious steaks. Even though I’m not the biggest red meat eater, I must admit they were spicy and delicious We also had green salad, rolls, veggies, and potato salad.

 And, since it was Sunday Dinner & A Movie – milkshakes (actually malts) for dessert.

 {The movie was I Remember Mama. Which we didn’t finish on Mother’s Day due to time. Spring Sundays tend to be busy!}



I am wearing...

post working comfy clothes of t shirt and cotton pants, along with some fuzzy socks. My hair is in a just shampooed pile atop my head, my little “Cool Me Off & Provide Noise Control” fan is on.


I am going...

to keep working away, to keep checking off things from my eternal list, to begin to actually do those yoga dvd’s rather than just stare at ‘em.

(Honestly needing more time for that last one!)


I am wondering...

too many things. My mind is a crazed jumble of thoughts and images. I fear I shall never have the “quiet mind” of which I’ve read so much and yearn to have.

Also..... whether I should enroll Little Bit in theatre classes.


{Query:  Am I trying to self destruct?}


I am reading...

Bedtime Reading: A Discovery of Witches,  getting ready for the third (& final?) volume of the All Souls Trilogy, being released in July.



Evening/Other Time Reading:  The Eloquence of the Hedgehog,



The Romanov Prophecy, listening to Ghost Knight with (nearly) everyone, since we began it on our latest Road Trip.

The three younger boys and I are just beginning the works of Jules Verne, Little Bit and I are deep into the adventures of The Diamond In The Window.


And after Ghost Knight – Sherlock Holmes (on cd as well) is next!


I am hoping...

for happiness, prosperity, and all our dreams to come true.   


I am looking forward to...

a cold front which I’ve heard nary a one weatherperson speak of. But I’m praying anyway!


I am learning….

how to be more computer savvy. Tis a steep learning curve  I fear.


Around the house...

the Monday Night Games (video and computer of course) have begun. So hopefully it will be a quiet working night for me with everyone else at Witts End glued to their respective screens.




I am pondering...

how to decide which work to work on and finish first I’m drawn to them all. Thus perhaps the turmoil in my mind?


A favorite quote for today...

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.  –Mark Twain


One of my favorite things...

the completion  conquering of treadmill/exercise time.


A few plans for the rest of the week:

ah the usual- Dr. appointments, baseball practice, scouts, planning our next getaway, writing, school, yard and house chores and improvements.

Breathing and moving and reaching higher.


A peek into my day...

 The washing, re-washng, and drying of the sleeping bags helps make those road trips possible!

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