Traditions~ January
Irritating Yet Quotable

Son & Heir


This is Son & Heir

He has always been a most interesting person.

When he and Girly Girl were tiny they had a language all their own.  They’d jabber away at one another and Scott and I couldn’t understand a word.

I’ve read that twins do that.  And they were practically twins, for a while.

He’s very friendly, and out-going, kind and accepting of all kinds of people.

I think I may have had a bit of influence there.

He’s also really really bossy.

(I expect he gets that from his father :-)

He was home educated till he went to college.  

The picture is of his college graduation - an A.S. in Political Science, a Civically Engaged Scholar and Honor Student.

Now he’s a Junior at the University, majoring in Poly Sci.  Maybe double majoring in History????

And he works as a teacher at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club.

Scott says it’s a perfect fit ‘cause Son & Heir gets to be bossy.

I told Scott he should know. 

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