~Irritating, yet somehow quotable quotes~
19th Century Tuesday Evenings

Traditions~ February

  February realization


Feb.7     Grammie’s Bday

Feb.14   St. Valentine’s Day

~Out in the Wide World~

*Library Lovers Month

*National Bird Feeding Month

*Black History Month

*Presidents Day   3rd Monday

*International Table Manners Week 3rd week  

~Individual Dates~

1- Langston Hughes Bday 1902-1997

2- Groundhog Day

3-  Chinese New Year

4- Charles Lindbergh Bday 1902-1974   historic flight, 1927

12- Abraham Lincoln’s Bday 1809-1865 & Charles Darwin’s Bday

15- Galileo Galilei Bday 1564-1642

21-  President's Day

22-  George Washington's Bday

20-  Ansel Adams Bday 1902-1984

26- Grand Canyon Park Anniversary est. 1919

Love to plan a road trip to visit the park again - but can’t really see that happening.  (Though I am thinking positive!)

~From The Kitchen~

~Pull out my copy of The Black Family Reunion Cookbook, Recipes and Food Memories

It contains a copy of the Black Family Reunion Pledge written by Dr. Maya Angelo, heartwarming memories of family “food traditions“, as well as a plethora of great recipes.  

{Caribbean Meat Pie and Sweetater Fingers have especially sparked my interest}.

~The White House Cookbook  

I bought a copy of this years ago at a thrift store.  I believe it’s out of print, so its pricey - though available on kindle for less

~Tales to Tell~

~The Poetry of Langston Hughes

~The Origin of Species

~The Voyage of the Beagle

~Abraham Lincoln For Kids 

~Charles Darwin For Kids

~Galileo For Kids~Lincoln:  Speeches & Writings

~Starry Messenger

~so many others!

~Crafts & Things To Do~

~Keep enjoying winter crafts - Spring won‘t be here till March!

~Make sure our bird feeders are filled.

~Find new places to hang the birdhouses the boys made years ago!

Could repaint them - but the peeling paint is part of the memory, perhaps a clear coat of varnish instead?

~Begin planning The Yard (do you hear that ominous music?)  

Don’t know if we’ll manage to get a garden in this year.  At least not the kind we’re used to (ie: huge).  But maybe something on a smaller scale will be alright for our first official summer here at the Witt's End.

~Check Earthways (naturally!)


Sunday Evening Family Dinner & Movie

* Four Sundays this Month.  We’ll focus on Historical oriented films:  

Black History, Lincoln, Lindbergh.  (I’m finding it a bit difficult to find films appropriate for a 7 yo.)

~Young Mr. Lincoln

~House of Dies Drear

~The Spirit of St. Louis


~Other Films~

Bios of Darwin, Galileo, Lincoln, Hughes

~Follow The Drinking Gourd

~Several Reading Rainbow episodes featuring Black History topics

~PBS American Experience  Lincoln biography (older guys)

~Roots - (older guys only)  We received the complete season on dvd as one of our !2 Days Presents this past Christmastide.   I’m excited to see it again after many years.

~Lillies of the Field

~Do The Right Thing (older guys only.  Part of Curly Top & Coyote’s Film Studies Curriculum!)

~Malcom X  (olders)

~The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman (olders)

~Somewhere in my massive VHS collection is a great biography of Charles & Anne Lindbergh.  Now if I can just dig it out……

~Darwin’s Darkest Hour (national geographic production)

~Groundhog Day.  Olders only.  Totally inappropriate fluff, but funny and contains a good message.

Enjoy Fabulous February!