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Traditions~ January

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Happy 2011!

{More than a bit late in posting, but the New Year doesn't really begin for us till Epiphany.  And it has been cold and flu season for us this past week}

I've kept these monthly Traditions lists for years - since my college age kidlet was in grade school. Updating and tweaking them ever so often.  I notice that the January Tales to Read section is rather short and vague.  Have to work on that!


Winter.  Snow is (hopefully!) piled high outside our windows.  So we still embrace cool colors:  deep blues, icy blues, violets.  {Exception:  Christmas red & green- silver & gold! These remain up till Little Bit's bday - by demand}.


1      New Year’s Day ~  World Day of Peace    

        Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

         Beans & Ham/Cornbread/Cucs in Vinegar

6        Epiphany - Twelfth Night  

           Open the last of the 12 Days presents.  

           Serve King’s Cake

                                                 Ordinary Time resumes

17     Little Bit’s Birthday!!!!!!!


~Out in the Wide World~

National Hot Tea Month

National Soup Month

National Oatmeal Month

National Compliment Day,  4th Wed

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

         Ellis Island Anniversary (1892)

            By 1924 more than 22 million had passed its gates.  Became a museum in 1990.      

        Alaska admitted to Union

5          Paul Revere Bday 

11        1935,  Amelia Earhart became the first person to fly solo across the pacific.     

17      Benjamin Franklin’s Bday  1706-1790

18     A.A. Milne’s Bday 1882-1956

19     National Popcorn Day

        Paul Cezanne Bday 1839-190623 J

        John Hancock Bday 1737-1793

25    Robert Burns Night

27     Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Bday 1756-1791

28       St. Thomas Aquinas (1225?-1274)  

29-31   Days of the Blackbird      {Read the Tomie dePaola JP book)   

            Spring will come again!

~From The Kitchen~

~Hot Tea, Soup, & Oatmeal naturally!

~BBQ, Hot & Spicy Mexican, Flavor filled Italian, Yummy Curries - anything that doesn’t remind us of Holiday Food!  (ie: no pecans, multiple sticks of butter, or *gasp* chocolate!)

Ok - maybe a bit of chocolate.

~Lemon Chicken Soup


~Tortilla Soup

~Chicken Tortellini Soup

~Scotch Eggs in honor of Burns.  (Well, we could give it a try....)!

~Tales To Read~

The Last Wise Man

Miss Suzy

Pooh Bear

Robert Burns

The Popcorn Book & Days of the Blackbird  -dePaola

Children Bios of Franklin, Cezanne, Mozart, Aquinas,

~Crafts & Things To Do~

‘star’ windows

rose windows

make gnome dolls, tissue paper dolls, yarn dolls


Little Bit's Christmas gifts:  models, sand art, crystals, “iron ons”


~Sunday Evening Family Movies~

      January has 5, and this January features…..   Disney Classics!  


            BlackBeard’s Ghost  

            The Castaways    

            Treasure Island    

            That Darn Cat  (the original from the '60's)

{Hmmm….3 of these star Hayley Mills.  I sense my influence here...}.    

~Wait for a major snowstorm and watch The Day After Tomorrow   (older guys only).   I’ve no idea why we do this.  

~Hitchcock’s Rear Window .   (Older guys only).  Part of Curly Top & Coyote’s Film Studies Curriculum. Set in very warm summertime New York - it’s a change from what’s outside our window.