It’s Groundhog Day!!!!!!!
Dining Room Bowling Alley

Sunday Evening Dinner

Was Indonesian Chicken Soup.

Indo. chicken soup

It's one of our family's favorite dishes, and honestly is a bit of a pain to make.

But it's worth it.

These pictures sooo make me wish we still had some leftovers.

But of course we don't!


Seasoned Shallots for topping.  So yummy. And some freshly chopped cilantro (my favorite herb) peeking in from the side.

Seasoned potatos
Spice Infused Potatoes.


And Fresh Limes...

I can't quite figure out to include the recipe, without simply typing in the loooong ingredient list and wordy instructions.  But I'm working on it.

{If you'd really like the recipe though, just let me know!}