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Monday Morning Gratitudes~March 21, 2011

Dinner & A Double Feature~March 20, 2011


Sunday Dinner & A Double Feature!

Dinner was Indonesian Chicken Soup.

One of family's favorites as you can tell since we also prepared it at the end of January.  It has its own post here (with some loverly pictures!).

{Rather a pain to prepare, but worth it!}

For dessert:  Ice Cream Sundaes

This was mine, smaller than everyone elses, but with four cherries!

And we watched this movie:

an old gangster flick with Cagney & Bogart - their last film together.


The Roaring Twenties

{Larry Fay, the gangster Cagney's character is based upon, is considered by many to have been the inspiration for Fitgerald's The Great Gatsby}.

And then, to top off our night

Scott, the older boys, and I watched this


one of my personal top comedies.

While Little Bit went off to bed with a book on tape (and Snoopy & Teddy!)

We stayed up waayyy toooo late, so everyone had an extended lie in this morning.

But we're up and runnin' now.

Happy Monday to everyone!