This Week's Holidays...
Monday Morning Gratitudes~March 6, 2011

Weird Stuff

We had a rather weird Sunday.

Sunday Night's Menu was:

~Patty Melts (so good with tons of carmelized onions!)

~sliced and seasoned baked potato wedges

~fresh vegies

None of which did I manage to get a single picture of....

{Aside from the link to another night's carmelized onions.  We do like them quite a bit!}

For dessert there was Coconut Cream Pie

{ picture of it either.  Things just get eaten up so quickly around here!}

Although I did take these, which I though were rather interesting... 

IMG_9089Son & Heir and CurlyTop,

wearing goggles from chemistry class to slice the masses of red onions required for carmelizing...

And this.

How this knife became wedged in this pot is a mystery.

{Everyone, but naturally, blamed Nobody}.

And thus was our Sunday Dinner.

The Movie?

We had had a late day,

so we watched an episode of Avonlea, (one of our favorite family series)

And were off to bed!