Monday Morning Gratitudes~April 4, 2011
Miscellany Monday

Sunday Dinner & Movie~April 3, 2011

~This week's Sunday Evening Dinner & A Movie~

For dinner we had Chicken Florentine.  

Soooo good.

For dessert  Banana Ginger Cake.  A new recipe (for us) from a new cookbook, South African Gourmet Food & Wine.  {I'll be posting a review of it very shortly}

But let me tell you, this cake was to die for!


The batter, rather like a pound cake, lots of eggs and lots of ginger!  Two types of ginger:  candied, thinly chopped, and ground.


Pouring out the batter into a rose shaped bundt pan.


Had a little batter left over, so we filled a smaller pan as well.

{The pans are a bit 'floury'.  I had a few helpers!}


They baked for nearly an hour; filling our home with a lovely, spicy scent.


And we "frosted" them with powdered sugar.

The cake was dense, moist, not too sweet, and wonderfully spicy.

And then, rather than an actual movie, we voted to watch two episodes of our favorite Avonlea!

How was your Sunday evening?