Everything Old is...

Sunday Dinner & Movie~April 10, 2011

Tonight we had "Navajo Tacos".

These "scones" (actually a fry bread: stretched dough, fried up in hot oil),

topped with homemade chili (nice & spicy & made by Me), shredded romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, and fresh salsa.



And for dessert - more of the above "scones",

but with butter and honey.



 For tonight's film we voted to watch Avonlea again.  

{Really need to get back on schedule with our Sunday movie & dinner tied to a Homeschool theme}.

But this Sunday, April 10, 2011, was odd.

Because Scott & boys built a catapult.

And because Son & Heir decided to "do his taxes", with Scott's help of course.  

In the middle of the family room.  

Amongst all the usual chaos:  frying up scones, dinner clearing, Little Bit on a pogo stick, Girly Girl complaining for yet another diet coke, Coyote discussing zombies and baseball in a loud voice (I'm still trying to figure out exactly who he was talking to), CurlyTop plugged into his guitar, plugged into a loud amp, and Me, doing something along the lines of this.

Really all we needed was a pack of small, yipping dogs running amuck to qualify for a certificate of total insanity.

And to think, our family word for the year is Peace.