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Commonplace Book, May 10, 2011

Islam Salad


Sunday (Mother's Day) Dinner & A Movie:

"Islam Salad" (named after Scott's friend Islam, who gave him the recipe).

It is very simple, very quick, and very delicious!

Romain Lettuce, torn into bite sized bites!

Thinly Wedged Tomatoes

Thinly Sliced Cucubers

Kalamata Olives

1 red onion, chopped

Black Pepper

Feta Cheese

*No Salad Dressing Required*

Toss everything together, add in liberal amounts of black pepper and feta.  (I *love* feta).  Let the salad sit for a bit and toss a few more times.  The cucumbers and tomatoes mingle their juices, which, along with feta, pepper, and "briny" flavor of the olives makes a lovely "dressing", so there's no need for any other kind.

So get that Ranch Stuff away from my Islam Salad!!

{NB.  I am one of those odd people who does not like olives, so I tend to pick around the olives in this favorite salad of mine (ie:  give them to Scott).  But the flavor they add to the mixture is not to be missed.}



We also had a whole bunch of lovely chopped vegies (carrots, cabbage, broccoli, no doubt some onion) stir fried with a dash of the above sweet and spicy marinade.

The were glazed with sweetness and wonderfully crunchy.

It wasn't a vegie only dinner though, (not with five kidlets and one husband who are definitely not vegetarians!).  We also had:

Roast Turkey

Mashed potatoes (created by CurlyTop) with Scott's lovely, spicy brown gravy

and (of course) sliced vegies and dip, (a staple at our house).

Dessert: chocolate pudding cake (created by Coyote).

None of which I managed to take a photo of.  

{Food disappears quickly around Witt's End, and frankly I was rather busy myself}.

Then, though in retrospect I really think we should have wactched The Trouble With Angels (one of my all time favorite Disney films),

in honor of our Retro Disney Month we watched

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

It was funny, in that campy, 60's Disney sorta way.

{Though frankly the intro music nearly did us in...}

And that, my friends, was Dinner & A Movie for Sunday, May 8, 2011!