More Graduation Pics!
Monday Morning Gratitudes~June 6, 2011

Lemon Chicken Soup

Sunday Dinner & A Movie

June 5,2011



 Lemon Chicken Soup

full of chopped vegies, savoury, tart; light yet filled with hearty pastsa.





We enjoy it with crunchy bread, or rolls warm from the oven; steamed broccoli, sliced veggies and dip. 


And Coyote made some lovely, glazed cinnamon rolls for dessert.

The Birds (Collector's Edition)

And then, we blew topped off a perfectly lovely evening by watching Hitchcock's The Birds!

{Frankly I'd had The Trouble With Angels in mind!}

But....I gave into (teenage) kidlet pressure.....

{In my defense I'd had a long day painting}.

But the boys enjoyed it.  {Though Son & Heir refused to watch it.  He has an early day tomorrow - plus he claims this film traumatized him as a child}.

All in all though, it was a very productive day!

I'll be posting some photos of what I actually accomplished this June 5, as well as the recipe for this yummy soup later on today.

Hope eveyone had a great Sunday!