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Pain in the Butt Dinner & Witches!

Sunday evening we finally tried a recipe I’ve meaning to try for years.

Seriously.  It’s been somewhere on my menu since about 2009.  I kept moving it around.  Thinking We’ll make this next Sunday.

Last night I discovered the reason why.

Oh not that it wasn’t good.  On the contrary, it was delicious.

We all loved it and happily had leftovers for dinner tonight.

{Well, all but Little Bit.  Who proclaimed the “broth is gross”.

It actually isn’t.}

The recipe is Chicken Stoltzfus.  Based on an old Pennsylvanian Dutch receipt, it was spicy and filling; perfect for a cool October evening meal.

It was also a major pain in the butt to make.

Which is why I’m not typing out the recipe tonight.

Probably tomorrow.  By which time I expect to regain my strength.

But perhaps you’ve enjoyed Chicken Stolfus before?  Perhaps your recipe is simpler than mine.  Not requiring a dozen seasoning ingredients and the actual making of biscuits.

From scratch

{N.B.  If you are in possession of such a recipe – there’s a “contact me” button on the top, right hand side of the blog.  Please do!}

But it was delicious and I will send out the recipe tomorrow.

For now here is a photo of the spicy both, chicken, and vegies simmering:


And here is a photo of what we had for dessert:

Monkey Bread.

I’ve used this recipe many times, though frankly last night’s turned out a bit dry.  {Naturally we gobbled it up anyway.}  Which is the reason why I'm thinking of trying it again tomorrow using a slightly different method.

I’ll be posting that recipe as well.

{Here it is.....}

And for our Sunday before the last Sunday before All Hallow’s Eve Movie?

Well naturally we watched

  Hocus pocus

Hocus Pocus.

An all time family favorite which most of us can talk and sing along with.

And naturally did.