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Monday Morning Gratitudes~October 10, 2011


Sunday Night Dinner & A Movie

The October 9, 2011 edition…..

For dinner:  a found and tweaked Chicken Cassoulet along with a simple tossed green salad with some crunchy bread,


with the Easiest Cheesecake Ever, served all by its delicious self or topped with cherries or mini chocolate chips.

{Unfortunately I like it all three ways.}

And our movie selection? 

Well being October it must have a Halloween theme, and I have a long list of Halloween themed movies we enjoy (with only a very few being gross or inappropriate for an 8 year old kidlet). Oddly enough though, the kids actually voted to watch

(and this was quite the coincidence...)

The Last Man On Earth.

Which I just did a post about.  Isn’t that strange?

I didn’t suggest it.  Honest.

I wanted to watch Bedknobs & Broomsticks. 

Well it does have a witch and a semi magician/wizard after all.

Or Arsenic And Old Lace.  The latter was voted down because we just watched it during our Jamming Session last week.

So The Last Man On Earth it was.

And it ended, disturbing and creepy as always.

And I,  no doubt, will be hearing those vampires crying out "Morrrgaaan!" anytime I need to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

I really hate that. 

Goodness - is this post filled with tons of informative links or what?

You really should check 'em out,

they contain all sorts of details, recipes, and other interesting stuff.

{And that's not just my opinion.}

Mimsy totally agrees with me.

I can just tell.


I hope you all had a lovely Sunday! 

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