Number 6
Of Mantles & Chaos

Daybook November 12, 2011


Outside my window…it is snowy, though melting as soon as it touches the ground, cold, and dark.  The city lights are twinkling away as always.

I am thankful for...all that we have. All that free firewood!

From the learning room…it’s Saturday, and a lazy day today schoolwise.  Though Little Bit will be talking about his grandfather who served in WWII at his homeschool group this coming week and has prepared for that a bit.

From the kitchen....nothing fancy tonight; I’m too busy putting up Christmas decorations!  Lemon Pepper Chicken and Rice.

I am wearing....usual T shirt and sweats.  In a few minutes I will hit the shower and emerge in comfy jamies. 

I am creating….an explosion of Christmas decorations all over the place!

I am going… hopefully paint the mudroom bathroom in the next week.  Maybe.  Hopefully.

I am reading…I’ve been on an Anne Rice bent of late; unusual for me.

I am hoping…for peace, prosperity, and good times.

I am hearing… well, since it is Saturday I’m hearing the irritating sound of video games!  Also the fire crackling, Girly Girl requesting waffles for Sunday breakfast tomorrow.

Around the houseeveryone is plugged into an electronic something (I hate that!).  Soon their time will be up, they will unplug, and we’ll gather to pop some popcorn and perhaps watch a movie.  {Hmmm...that's also an electronic something....}

One of my favorite thingspeace and time to focus. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: finishing up the Christmas tomorrow; preparing for Thanksgiving; maybe painting the bathroom, school, scouts, bowling, thinking of and planning for Christmas.


Here is picture for thought I am sharing:

How an 8 year old eats breakfast!


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