Monday Morning Gratitudes~February 27, 2012
Closet SuperHero Homeschooling Mom vs. The Dentist Appointments.

Sunday Dinner & A Movie~February 26, 2012

I haven't blogged about our Sunday Night and a Movie for quite a while.

I've no idea why...

But I am today!

Last night, for the final {sniff} Sunday of February 2012 we made the yummiest Spicy Sausalito Stir Fry.

It's a Chef Paul Prudhomme recipe so you know it's full of spices and good stuff.

And this is a photo of our finished result:

For dessert, alas, we lowered our standards a bit.
Um...we bought a box of doughnuts from the local market.

{Okay.  Three boxes - though honestly one of them was filled with breakfast

It's the one on the bottom.  

You may notice there are only two boxes left today.
And I believe that top box, (the one containing the doughnuts?), contains only three of the delectable delights disgustingly fattening creations.

Here's a photo of a couple of them.
{Which I haven't eaten and ain't gonna. Really.)


I know.

Horrible aren't they?  Yet somehow you just want one all the same.


And our movie?
We decided to watch this
Movies - master & comm

a film we've all seen before but it's been a while so we were ready to take the journey again.

Of course Little Bit hadn't seen it, and parts of it were a bit graphic for him.
So, he spent some film time beneath a blanket.
Like this:

And that was  Sunday Night and a Movie for this final day of February.

{Yes I realize I already  mentioned it was the final day of February but I'm kinda upset about it so I had to say it again.}

Really, can you believe February is nearly over and I still haven't finished these damn lovely curtains?

Good grief.