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Bananas In A Box {Not!}

Peace & Being Quiet


The fault (as usual) is mine entirely.

You see, many moons ago, before marriage, kidlets, etc… I, for a time, entertained a fancy to join the Peace Corps.

I read about it, thought about it, talked about it – and wound up not doing it…


{ I must always add a disclaimer.  It’s simply part of my nature which I’ve come to accept.}

Then I had children, and apparently, inadvertently, over the years my big mouth self must have mentioned my youthful(er) Peace Corps ideals.

And now guess what?

My oldest son {Son & Heir} has decided to join the Peace Corps after college graduation.

He plans to go abroad (probably somewhere in Africa he informs me), to work with and teach those in need of help and learning.

He will, evidently, be gone two years.

I must admit all of this sounded great to me when I was 22 or so.

Now that my child is 22 or so – it ain’t sounding so hot.

I fear my son flying off to Africa.  First off I fear the actual flight itself (how do we know the pilot has had a good day, or instead is in a suicidal state of mind?).

 I fear whatever country he goes to.  Lions, Tigers, Wildebeest, Gorillas, guerillas, polar bears, sharks, raging blizzards, swarms of man eating ants like in the fourth Indiana Jones, overflowing rivers, bridges collapsing, houses collapsing, tsunamis, quicksand, earthquakes, mosquitoes, snakes, big hairy spiders, little hairless spiders, crocodiles, disgusting looking lizards, hitherto unknown viruses and bacteria.

{In short:  I fear everything.}

Just as I fear I was the fool who mentioned this whole rotten idea in the first place.

Will I ever learn to just keep quiet.



Optimistically thinking perhaps by “college graduation” he actually means Graduate School Graduation…..

{I feel certain the Peace Corps much prefers Graduate School Graduates, don’t you?}