Dog Days, June 2012

Scott vs. The Shrubbery Tree


Others call them Juniper Pines, (which is I think a nice name).  

I call them Shrubbery Trees (in a rather snotty, derogatory manner).

Though alright from a distance, I dislike these trees up close.  They are messy, mangy looking creatures which have bothered me even more since my brother told me they are usually "filled with spiders".

{Scott says this isn't so.  I hope he's right; but I still stay away from Shrubbery Trees.}

They are hardy specimens.  Needing little water, slow growing, their roots can stretch down between cracks in rock, flatter than flat.

{And as you know, that's pretty dang flat.}

This is the tale of how we murdered one particular Shrubbery Tree.

In. Cold. Blood.

{N.B.  We have never before murdered a tree.  We are Planters, not Ripper-Outers.  But this one simply had to go.}

It was too near the house, it was a fire hazard (and an offence to the eye in my opinion).

So Scott stepped into a big yellow machine which has been living at our house since before there was a house; and killed the tree.

Like this:











Now, we will plant other trees, other shrubberies, put in some lovely ground cover and clean this messy area up!

The tree will become firewood; perhaps a Yule Log.

{Though honestly we are all still a bit in shock that we've killed a tree.....}