Lisa Overthinking

First Day


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Today is First Day, in Quaker parlance. 

Though, having been raised to think so, I still consider it the final day of the week; the day we are supposed to rest.

{I do believe Scott was absent the week they taught that Sunday School lesson.}

To be honest I rested both Friday and Saturday.

Or perhaps to be entirely truthful I should say I collapsed Friday and Saturday and did as little as possible.

Last week was hectic.  This week is looking to be a bit calmer.

{One can only hope.}

We cleared out the motorhome today, in preparation for camping days to come.

{This translates to:  I now have three or four laundry baskets of stuff to go through and yet more piles of laundry to wash.]

The guys seem to have been pretty busy…

Movies, sleepovers, concerts, video games, swimming, eating take out two nights in a row since Mom had meetings…. (or was it three?)

Tonight is Sunday Dinner & A Movie; which, for today at least, translates to steak, baked potatoes, veggies & fruit with (I think) milkshakes for dessert.

And the movie?  Undecided.

I feel certain someone is bound to suggest Batman and I will then have to explain yet again why I don’t consider it a “Family Movie”.

Though there is always Lord of The Rings…..