Yuletide Memories: Sexy Chickmunk
Resolutions Stink

New Beginnings

 Saturday Centus

Prompt:  "...you want a resolution..."
Number of words: Up to 104 (including the words of the prompt)




He repeated it.

“So..you want a resolution?”  She bit her lip.  Envisioning the shovel in the shed, wonking this wanker over the head.  Once.  Twice.

But how messy would that be?

She sighed.  He sighed.  They were both well known sighers.

“I can’t.” She watched him frown.

“Have to”.

“No.” She drummed her fingernails.  An idea forming.

“We could…” she began.

“I don’t wanna”.

“You haven’t even listened!  You never listen!”

He rolled his eyes.  “What?”

“The resolution is..  We cut it in half..”

Oh…he groaned.

“Smack dab down the middle”.

She sliced carefully.

“See?  Just. Like. That.”

Thus they shared the last Twinkie.