Presents From The Neighbors

Writer’s Block



Friday Fictioneers-100 words on the above photo 

“It’s a conspiracy.”

“It isn’t.”

“Then why all the coffee shops.  Coffee.  Never tea.”

“So move to England.”

“Wish I could.”

“You know you have your blasted tea. Why’re you complaining?”

“It’s the point of the thing.”

“Hmp…”  He continued writing.

She stared at her screen.  Eyes shifting to his flash; back again. Only copy.

Sip black tea.  Only copy.  One little baggie, a tiny sprinkle.

“I needa refill.”

“So get one.”


He sighed, rose; swift she stirred, ejected, switched.

“Gotta go.  “

He drank deep.  “K”.

She wisked out; stupid coffee.

And was long gone before anyone noticed.