Today in the Wild Wild West 1-28-13
Did You Know...

Small Victories

They do add up – don’t you agree?

And the more Small Victories you achieve, the better and better things become.

And, (but this is a secret – so don’t tell anyone!):  the easier they are to build upon.

Thus more and more Small Victories, adding up, accumulating into nice little stacks so lovely and gratifying to gaze at soon transform into Large Victories.

Which are almost, but not quite, better than Small.

{Okay I lied – they are a bit better.}


Here are my Small Victories for yesterday, January 28, 2013.  Just two, both small, but meaningful and the seeds from which Larger Victories are grown:

1-  Whilst watching The Following last night (often with my hand over my face),  I did not eat even one cookie, despite their sitting right in front of me on the ottoman.

(Are you impressed?  Believe me I am!)

2-  I finally pulled my sorry, sad self back onto the treadmill.

And yes it was awful-ish, and yes I know I have to do it again today.

And those are my two Small Victories.

I’d love to hear yours!  Please tell me about them in the comments below,