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Small Victories Feb. 25, 2013


The Small Victories

~Despite having been down with walking pneumonia (plus a chest cold – which in retrospect could have already been pneumonia….  But really who knows…)

Anyway – despite having (along with the majority of the family) felt like crap during the entire month of February, I am still optimistic and doggedly working away.

~Two of my kindles are now (nearly, nearly) available in paperback.  Just one more proof to take a look at and then their publication will be launched.

~I have overcome my fear of injury and allowed this one to actually sign up for rugby.

{Okay – I haven’t actually overcome my fear of injury – I’ve just taken a double dose of xanax.

Not really.}


But the child is signed up for Rugby.

Prayers are appreciated.

And those are today’s Small Victories.


What are yours?

Let's hear them in the commets below!

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