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Red Plans


Three Word Wednesday

using these words:

Douse, Naughty, & Pale.


“No” Youngest Sister’s barely audible whisper answered The Mother’s screeches.

“What?”  The Mother’s blood red lips opened wide; shocked.  Middle Sister could see the dark spot on her back lower molar where the cavity gnawed away quite clear.

“What did you say to me?” 

And oh how The Mother breathed on Youngest Sister’s pale face; while Middle Sister held her own breath, crisscrossing her fingers and ankles and whispering a prayer.  Worried lest The Mother should smack Youngest Sister so hard her head would twirl round and crash though the window, or perhaps douse her with acid so she’d fizzle and sizzle, flowing down and soaking into a wavy edged black smudge upon the carpet and nothing else.

“What did you say to me?” repeated The Mother, pudgy to pointy nose with Youngest Sister and Youngest Sister blinked her eyes, drew a breath through her full lips and almost, almost made eye contact with The Mother, “I said no.  We weren’t doing nothin’.  We weren’t bein’ naughty”.

“Lies” whispered The Mother. 

The Father said nothing.  Just stood there with his white haired arms crossed tight against his chest; with those colorless eyebrows pressing down against his eyelids he seemed more statue than man and Middle Sister wondered yet again whether he was alive; because he wasn’t wearing the stomping boots and goodness knows that’s where all his life had always come from before.

“Lies” whispered The Mother, and Middle Sister gasped aloud as Youngest Sister dared to shake her head no just before the Mother’s broad, calloused palm smacked against it; sending it lolling, limp like and sagging, to one side.  Youngest Sister’s dark eyes rolled in her head and her round body slumped in the ladder back chair as The Mother turned to Middle Sister; black eyes sparking, quick tongue darting across red lipsticked lips as they formed the words “And what do you have to say then Missy?”