Treading Lightly is OUT!

Red Plans



I feel positive writing out these plans in red will help them materialize.   As January and February have passed, and their plans accomplished, perhaps I am correct in this thinking.

Or maybe not.  But it's worth a try.


January:  Work on finishing Trilogy Series I, begin Trilogy Series II

February:   Augh – sick *entire month*.  Nevertheless edit T.S. I as much as possible.

Edit, expand, (from previous kindle editions ) & publish two Create Space paperbacks. (Treading Lightly and Reclamation).  The former under own publishing logo.

March:  Finish T.S. I & send it off, (resisting mysterious urge to wrap it in a red velvet ribbon, no doubt gleaned from reading too much Louisa May as a child).  Work on finishing T.S. II & beginning T.S. III.                              

(Evidently last of trilogy). 

{N.B. This could change.}

Lament over poor, dying blog. 

Pull my head outta pool of tears, wipe with tissues, sniff a lot & get blog moving with linkups, daily posts:  write ahead.  

(Ponder how the latter always sounds good in theory.

Similar to eating “one bite of chocolate”). 


Finish Cat Slaughter Murders (change amazingly awful title thought of at midnight whilst wasted on cold medication and which seemed hysterically funny at time).  Publish via CreateSpace. 

(I think…)

Work on C.S/J./T.S. III


April:  Gaze out window in growing irritation that it is actually spring and                 summer is soon to follow.  Consider this time of year highly overrated.

Resolve to think well of it since evidently no choice is forthcoming.                        

Enjoy quiet time spent in car editing while waiting at soccer and baseball practices.

{Lemonade from Lemons and all that kinda crap.} 

Edit T.S. II –intending to send it off (sans red ribbon) asap.

Work on C.S./J./T.S. III – planning to finish and enter edit state asap.

Pray April lasts a long time as May brings unknown territory looming over horizon in most frightening manner.  Am reminded of old westerns with enemy forces lined up along hillside as evening sun sets behind them.  Find this most disquieting.

Plan to drink more water and get A Tan.

Have found in past these two things, thought not always problem solvers, are inevitably helpful in some fashion.

Am somewhat mollified by these thoughts and thoughts of camping.

I do like camping.

It’s quiet and there aren’t many people about.

{Note how I choose to bravely overlook the likelihood of mosquitoes.

I dislike mosquitoes.}

Next installment:  May through September.

{Or maybe August…}