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What Mothers Really Want For Mother’s Day

Broken, Black Belts, & Botox


Oh it’s been fun fun times at Witt’s End this past week or so.

First off this one

Wy snowboarding

(who decided he simply had to play rugby this year) suffered a concussion and a broken hand.  {Yes naturally at rugby.

Which is now officially NOT my favorite sport.}

He now has a lovely red cast covered by sharpie scrawls by friends and is “out for the season”.

{My idea of his reaching on up toward that black belt and forgetting the rugby career is just sounding better and better.}

(Would you believe his E.R. bill was over $4500.00?  Holy crap!)

Then there’s the odd and disturbing fact that some lunatic thought it a good idea to schedule the homeshool group we currently host bi-weeky at our home for three straight weeks in a row…

Including one meeting held the same exact day as Bookgroup.

Who this lunatic was I’ve yet to admit.

{If you wanna find out just click here.}

And naturally baseball season is in full swing (so to speak), and our newest Hat Wearer is celebrating a birthday this weekend; an occasion requiring concentrated and focused preparation and planning.  Plus we’ll be celebrating his birthday on Mother’s Day – adding an additional fun factor to an otherwise already busy day.

Speaking of Bookgroup, yep we’re still hanging in there, and have a few new faces, (new to the group, not necessary to the world) which is nice.

This week we’re discussing this book:


It’s about the Tudors and poor ol’ Lady Jane Grey and her sisters.  As well as a few other people.  Nice if you’re in the mood for some historical drama, which I usually am.

Really.  Some months days I’m just all about drama.

And what do I want for Mother’s Day?  What does my heart desire?

Well, aside from all my skinny clothes fitting right this minute (which I am working on), um…..

Cosmetic surgery. 


That about sums up my current desire/obsession/craze/preoccupation/one tracked minded hangup.


How have you been lately?

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