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Summer has sprung its nasty hot little head, and I am in the mood to

{long heavy painful sigh......}


Honestly this happens to me every time the season changes.

I just don't know what it is.

{Some vile curse dating from the Dark Ages when my far off ancestor did something horrible and nasty to one of the Fair Folk I suppose.}

Thus I have been spending a little more time adding to my For The Home and Outdoors pinterest boards.

{It's practically like actually doing something.

Only without the results.....}


As far as For The Home goes, I am rather liking the look of these:



Collage shelf
And yes I do realize they both look a bit similiar but I'm ok with that.
I also found this interesting.
It would be nice to print out, frame in a thrift shop frame (spray painted red or yellow perhaps) and hang in the kitchen.

And how's this for a lovely, tacky Outdoor decoration?
{As well as the small nod it gives to The Walking Dead...}

Visit good-times.webshots.com
And finally, I'm thinking these look fairly simple, and very tasty, for a Sunday summer dessert or perhaps a party.
{Assuming I can work myself up to actually givng a party!}

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