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Pinterest Necessities


I've been a bit busy, as usual, on Pinterest.

I love Pinterest - and anyone who thinks it's silly (like this guy who shall remain nameless) and only exists to cause problems (particularly the DIY pins) is utterly and absolutely mistaken.

Below you will find a sampling of things I have become especially attracted to in the last week or so.  Take a look and feel free to let me know your opinion (unless it's the same as this guy's.  Cause he's utterly and absolutely mistaken).  


Here we have a pair of classic Wayfarer Ray-Bans.  I have recently realized I desperately, totally, really really need a pair of these.

Yes, need.  Desperately.  Like some people need water or ding dongs or a dog.

{Ok - maybe not quite as much as water....}

And yes I realize they're expensive (though this pair is cheaper.  Could be a knock off or a great deal.  I really don't know).

I just know I need them.  And I figure if I buy a pair and wear them for the next 30 Years they will only cost me around forty cents a month.

Seriously - is that asking too much???



Below you will find subway tile.  We've been going to put subway tile round the range for about two and a half years.

I'm sure we'll get to it at some point.  {We'll be using white grout by the way.}

And those lovely shelves?  Well they're to go on the walls next to the range.

{After the tile's up of course.  One fine day.}

Subway tile

Speak whale
This top was obviously meant for me.
Nuf said.

These shoes. 
I will never be as complete as I could be without these shoes.

I shared my New Anthem with everyone who would listen some time ago.
Below is my new motto.
{And boy did it hold true today!}
And that's it for today.
What have you pinned lately???

IOSW full moon