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The Sisters: Lines Drawn

  IOSW  Lisa WritingJuniper

~The Sisters~

 "Sleep my child, and peace attend thee”

Rose murmur-sang the words, so quiet I could barely hear.

Though I did.

So we’re keeping them?” I asked later, smiling beneath my words.

“They aren’t cats!” Rose refilled her glass; the bourbon swirled about, edges bubbling.

“No” I sipped my tea.  “Just kittens”.

She shot me a glance; one hand smoothed her crackling hair.

“We’ll have to protect them” she admitted.  “Though the Diet..”

“We’ve already transgressed” I interrupted.  “Does it really matter now?”

“It will be difficult” Rose stroked her glass; the liquid steamed.

“Yet; perhaps..  A challenge.”  She actually laughed aloud.

“Ah!  It has been so long….”


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